Luxury Resort in Malaysia Will Raise Funds to Build by Selling Tokens

Luxury Resort in Malaysia Will Raise Funds to Build by Selling Tokens

Luxury resort life: Yes please. One of the largest construction companies in Southeast Asia, have just announced that they will raise funds to build a wildly beautiful hotel via a token sale.

IBN Corp has its real estate tentacles across Asia. It has a presence in Malaysia, China, and Singapore. The company has some impressive developments under its belt, including IBN Bukit Bintang – the tallest residential building in Kuala Lumpur.

IBN Highlands City

Their latest project, called IBN Highlands City, is a billion-dollar project. It will be located in one of Asia’s most well-known summer resort – Genting Highlands.

The project will have serviced apartments, commercial areas, and 5-star hotels, all falling into the luxury category. And they will be paying for construction by selling tokens.

luxury resort will raise funds with a token sale

IBN Corp say that asset tokenization “has a potential to increase the number of investors in the broader market, grow liquidity compared to traditional bonds, and reduce the time required to execute large projects.”

The Hasbro connection

Hasbro are a giant American toymaker. They are partnering with IBN Corp in the development. Hasbro has more than 1,500 brands in its portfolio. This includes Marvel, Transformers, Star Wars, Peppa Pig, and Monopoly. This hotel will be a ‘Hasbrotel.’

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